Unofficial Official 75159 Revealed in LEGO Brand Store

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We reported the early leaked images of the new Star Wars Death Star (75159) the other day but didn’t display them. LEGO doesn’t like it when sites post leaked and confidential images, which is why we’re calling these Unofficially Official.

Reported by several sites this weekend the Arundel Mills LEGO Store in Maryland apparently brazenly displayed this new set being built by a staff member in the middle of the store! LEGO has yet to release anything saying that the set even exists, and we’re sure someone at this store was either fired or seriously reprimanded.

That said, what’s on the internet can rarely be taken back, and so here it is. Since this happened in a LEGO brand store and was open to and seen by the public, we think it’s a pretty safe bet to say this will be coming to a store near you fairly soon.

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