Bricks Solutions Episode 1 – Bridge Solutions

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76057 boxRepublic66Media has been just a powerhouse of LEGO related items this last year. They publish two professional magazines as Bricks and Bricks Culture, and have an app with more exclusive free content within. Now they’ve started a web series they’re calling Bricks Solutions and have released the first episode.

Their announcement is below.

Take a sneaky peak at the first episode of Bricks Solutions as Mark takes us through a couple of easy ways to enhance set 76057 Web warriors ultimate bridge battle

The Spider-Man: web warriors ultimate bridge battle set is arguably one of the hottest Marvel sets we have seen, not only does it come with a great selection of mini figures but is also a very well designed play set that carries play and display features.

However here at Bricks Solutions we feel, there is always room to create, modify and improve and when we built set 76057 we were inspired to take this excellent set as the subject of our first episode. By joining two of these sets together in different ways you can find yourself with one of the coolest superhero sets to date.

Mark takes you through two different options for you to explore when joining this set together, while making sure that all the techniques and pieces used are clearly highlighted. During this step-by-step tutorial will get to see different techniques and styles you can adopt to make this project or even possibly take away and use within in your own ideas. The first solution is a little more complex and dramatic and focuses around a display solution while build 2 demonstrates how you can utilise the sets parts to create a great bridge display without needing a huge selection of extra pieces.

76057-1This first episode explores useable build methods and simple solutions to create maximum impact. It provides inspiration and an easy to follow build for all. Also it takes into consideration the different aspects to a single subject including cost, piece availability and time, providing something for everyone. In fact by our calculations you can sell your duplicate figures and cover the cost of having a second bridge set.

Set number 76057 is a popular and nicely detailed set with tons of display and play features available. With 7 minifigures and 1092 pieces total, the US$99.99 price tag isn’t unreasonable. You can expect this set to get a lot more popular as the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming nears and the hype begins to build.

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