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Lap Siding TechniqueA couple of weeks ago we brought you a technique for doing house siding that involved some complex setup and a fair number of specialty bricks.

This technique by Steve uses regular 1×1 bricks twisted a bit. I like this method as it is quite easy to do, but when I start looking at the back side picture where you can tell better which bricks are used for the whole process, I feel there could be an “unorthodox” technique in there.

The vertical panels of 1×1 bricks have a 1×6 white plate on the left and what must be a 1×6 white tile on the right, but none of that is actually connected to the rest of the model, except by pressure.

I’m not going to judge whether this is proper or not, but it could lead to transportation issues if you’re taking this to a show or something, but if you’re just building a nice model for yourself it should be no problem at all.

Siding Technique Back

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