Custom Minifigure Series 16 Poster leaked

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I don’t post leaked images too often due to the LEGO Group frowning upon it, but this one seems on the right side of the line. A poster on Reddit has shared the image in the /lego group and our pal CM4Sci on Eurobricks posted it, but has since removed it. Someone on Amazon France has already listed full boxes for sale. That seems like something to be frowned upon.

We previously posted the list of series 16 figures here and it lines up quite nicely with the image below. I’ve rearranged the list to match the numbering on the poster.

  1. Ice Queen
  2. Arabian Knight
  3. Cyborg
  4. Imp (Kid in a devil Costume)
  5. Spooky Boy
  6. Hiker
  7. Wildlife Photographer
  8. Female Kickboxer
  9. Scalawag Pirate
  10. Penguin Guy
  11. Rogue (something like Assassins Creed)
  12. Dog Show Judge
  13. Mariachi
  14. Spy
  15. Banana Guy
  16. Babysitter

CMF Series 16 Poster

Personally I find a lot of these pretty interesting, but I’m newly back into LEGO and the CMFs are all pretty new to me. Unlike the Disney lineup, and even the Series 15 set, these are all pretty cool and come with some great accessories. The Mariachi’s guitar, a baby, both a penguin and a kid in a penguin suit, the Rogue/Archer (destined to become army fodder) etc. And how cute is the Westie (dog)?

Anyway, we’ll follow this as it goes. Someone will likely release a feel guide pretty soon based on these images.

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