Spanish Style Roof Tiles

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10232-Tile RoofRoofing techniques seem to be common in the LEGO MOC world, or at least I keep seeing different methods of creating interesting roofs. The technique below is a bit like the one used on the Palace Cinema set which had a more Oriental look than this one provides.

The Palace Cinema roof achieved its look by using slight variations in color and rows of tubes with plates between them. This Spanish style roof is done using cone shapes in columns, again with color variations to provide interest and texture.

Flickr user O0ger posted about this technique back in December of 2015 and lots of people there liked it with a few commenting they were going to try it. I know that user Jonas did for his wonderful and fun My Tree House project, but now O0ger has also provided us with another really nice example of the process in real life in the form of a small fishing harbor. He commented on his original post that this is a more difficult technique using real bricks than using LDD to create it.

Be sure to click on the picture below to see a couple more pictures of this model or click here to get the .lxf file for LEGO Digital Designer.

The Harbor

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