Uniqlo Official LEGO T-Shirts now available in the US

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lego-logo-uniqlo-shirtOver the last few weeks we’ve seen the appearance of some official LEGO branded apparel from Japanese brand Uniqlo. The roll out seemed to be happening everywhere except North America, but now they’ve rectified that and have the shirts available on the Uniqlo US Store.

Currently the brand only features shirts for girls, boys and men which makes one wonder why they don’t have women’s style LEGO shirts. Their pricing seems reasonable for an official brand t-shirt. Kids shirts start under $10 and at $15 for men, depending on the shirt.

I hadn’t heard of Uniqlo before, which makes sense since they won’t be entering the Canadian retail market until this fall, and then only in Toronto. I’m not super impressed with the designs, which don’t quite seem “grown up” enough for me to want one, except for the generic LEGO logo shirt maybe.


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