Flickr Friday: Joel Baker

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Joel Baker - Grand Budapest HotelLEGO designer Joel Baker (Yes, he works for the LEGO Group) is someone I’ve just discovered and I’m blown away by his work. Today I’m going to share Flickr album for his MOC of Flynn’s Arcade from the TRON movies but I’ll also give you a glimpse of some of the other amazing projects you’ll find on his Flickr account.

Joel works on amazingly large scale projects it seems tackling projects like Turner Field (stadium) as a working pinball machine, the Death Star Trench, and the astoundingly beautiful Grand Budapest Hotel seen above.

Joel has an album entitled “Highlights” which doesn’t have everything, but is a good place to start reviewing his work. There’s sure to be some interesting details and techniques for you to discover in his work, and then apply to yours.

Unfortunately Joel hasn’t updated his Flickr account in over a year.

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