LEGO and ESPN bring you the College Football Playoffs

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Today starting at 4:00pm Eastern college football in the US will nearly reach its annual peak frenzy. At 4:00pm Eastern, Oklahoma and Clemson get started followed by Michigan State and Alabama at 8:00pm Eastern.

But you’re not here for football, you’re here for LEGO, so why are we talking about football? This year, LEGO and ESPN are partnered to help bring the whole family into the game, so to speak. LEGO and college football fans all have one base trait in common – emotional connections to their passion, and this year they are coming together.

Thanks to a new promotion between LEGO and ESPN you can build a LEGO version of your favorite team’s helmet (or the opposition to destroy symbolically), a football or even a mini stadium!

LEGO and ESPN have also released a series of videos to promote the playoffs. You can find the videos on the ESPN mini-site off, including a chance to win a LEGO replica of the trophy autographed by the ESPN GameDay Crew.

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