Japan Brickfest 2016, June 4-5 in Kobe, Japan

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japan-brickfest-logoIn early June 2016 KLUG, the LEGO User Group (LUG) from Kobe, Japan will be mounting the biggest fan-produced LEGO event in Japan. The event is accepting registration for builders to exhibit at the event through the end of February.

Japan Brickfest 2016 will be held at Canadian Academy on Rokko Island, an artificial island in the port city of Kobe, who are also sponsoring the event. Admission to the event is 500 ¥ for Adults and Children (junior high school or less) are 300 ¥. That makes the adult admission about $4.25 USD at today’s exchange.

In addition to may MOCs and items we’ve never seen, there will be a “flea-market” and dining area so that families can enjoy the whole day.


The group (KLUG) is also sponsoring Spring Brickfest 2016 on March 20, 21, 2016. The location for this event is Settsu Municipal Community Plaza.

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