LEGO Architecture Trevi Fountain 21020 Building Toy


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The LEGO Architecture Trevi Fountain is 731 piece of Italian architecture wrapped in a LEGO box. This set, although very small compared to the original, captures the essence of the Trevi Fountain using some nice techniques and a whole lot of clear blue or white bricks.

The Story of the Trevi Fountain

"Panorama of Trevi fountain 2015" by Livioandronico2013 - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons -
“Panorama of Trevi fountain 2015” by Livioandronico2013 – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons

The Trevi Fountain is located in the Trevi District in Rome, Italy, designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi and completed by Giuseppe Pannini in 1762 when he placed the final statue of Oceanus in the central niche. The original fountain is mainly constructed from Travertine quarried from Tivoli.

The finished fountain is a massive Baroque work measuring 86 ft × 161.3 ft (26.3 m × 49.15 m)

The fountain was refurbished in 1998 with a thorough cleaning and installation of a recirculating pump. Another major restoration was completed in November 2015 and included the installation of 100 LED lights to improve the nighttime illumination of the fountain.

LEGO Interpretation

There are basically 3 colors in this kit, white, grey and clear blue bricks for the water. This makes the build a bit more challenging as the white & grey are sometimes hard to distinguish in the instructions and the clear blue are harder to locate among each other. A lot of the blue piece also slope, and to create the flowing water effect, need to be placed at specific angles. Although, with so much of it, many won’t notice the difference.

The details in this set are spectacular considering the scale. The three niches hold simple representations of Oceanus (in the center) flanked by Abundance and Salubrity. Simple representations of the horses and the papal shield add more details.

The varying angles of both the translucent blue bricks and the grey ones give the sense of motion to mimic the water and rocks of the original.

The LEGO Trevi Fountain set also includes the instructions of course, but the book also contains information about the history of the fountain and more photos of the source.


Overall I really like this set. I found the build to be challenging due to the number and proximity of similar pieces but not so much so that I was put off by it. It’s a very nice looking set to display among the other LEGO Architecture sets and I hope LEGO can keep the quality of other sets as high as this one.

Overall Review

  • Building Experience - 9/10

  • Parts - 4/10

  • Playability - 1/10

  • Value - 8/10

  • Accuracy - 9/10


I gave this set a 1 on Playability because the Architecture series isn't meant for playing with, they're more for display. It also only gets a 4 for Parts as it doesn't introduce anything too new or exciting, but does provide an abundance of translucent blue and grey for those who might need them. Unfortunately those hurt the overall score of this otherwise wonderful set.


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