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I’ve found my new jam, people.

I have fairly specific preferences when it comes to LEGO. Mostly, I like the real-world stuff; the LEGO Architecture series has always been a favourite,...

Burj Khalifa: Spoiler, it’s super pointy.

(LEGO Architecture, Model 21031, 12+, 333 Pieces, $49.99 CAD) A unique building makes for a unique LEGO build, and you'll find that the...

The Lincoln Memorial

We've made a point of collecting for review all the current LEGO Architecture models, and I have to say that the Lincoln Memorial (LEGO...

Wall-E? More like “Wall-A!”

(LEGO Wall-E, Model 21303, 676 pieces, 69.99 CAD, Ages 12+) This is going to be a one-note love letter to my Wall-E build, but not...