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Yahoo Announces New Sith Trooper SDCC LEGO Exclusive

Talk about late to the game, but yet another SDCC LEGO Exclusive was just announced - LEGO Star Wars Sith Trooper Bust (77901) from...

Exclusive LEGOLAND Set 40346 Appears

Following on the Regional Exclusives being available world-wide, we have a set that will NOT be available. The new set 40346 appears to be...

Exclusive LEGO House set brings the dinosaurs back!

Today a new exclusive LEGO set has been revealed. 40366 - LEGO House Dinosaurs will be the third set to be available exclusively to...

Secret Set from LEGO Inside Tour 2016 Revealed

Every year, about 140 people are selected to participate in a truly unique event - The Inside LEGO Tour. It's a 2 day event...