Celebrate 15 Years of Minecraft with LEGO’s Amazing New Sets

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Billund, Denmark, 24 May 2024: To mark the fifteenth anniversary of Minecraft®, which was originally released in 2009, the LEGO Group is unveiling six incredible LEGO® Minecraft® sets. Each block-based set has been designed for maximum play-action, storytelling and creative construction, inspired by Minecraft’s iconic biomes and characters.

The Pirate Ship Voyage (21259)
A versatile, hands-on pirate-figure adventure set that can be played with on its own or combined with other sets to create a bigger play experience. The set includes a buildable vehicle toy, plus a squid, two pirate figures and – for the first time ever – a special adult LEGO Minecraft camel.

166 pieces priced at €14.99 / $14.99 / £12.99

The Cherry Blossom Garden (21260)
A great gift for Minecraft video game and LEGO fans alike, this set has it all: nature, animals and… zombies! Help Sunny tend the beautiful cherry blossom garden, until a battle commences when the zombies try take over. Try find and dig out a rare seed from the garden using the adult sniffer and baby sniffer. The Sniffer is a mob that was introduced in the game last summer, and now finally coming to a LEGO set in this model.

304 pieces priced at €27.99 / $27.99 / £22.99

The Wolf Stronghold (21261)
The Wolf Stronghold features a big wolf’s head above the entrance, which can be changed from friendly to angry depending on the mood. Inside the base is a crafting table, blast furnace, anvil and a smithing table. Just don’t forget there are two Minecraft skeleton toys wandering the forest!

312 pieces priced at €34.99 / $34.99 / £29.99

The Windmill Farm (21262)
This buildable farm-themed Minecraft set boasts a functional LEGO windmill, which can be operated by turning a wheel at the rear. As the mill’s sails rotate, the grindstone turns, as if grinding wheat into flour. That’s not all – eggs, milk and sugar also on hand to bake bread and cake, plus the necessary storage to keep supplies safe from lurking zombies.

461 pieces priced at €54.99 / $54.99 / £49.99

The Badlands Mineshaft (21263)
Ever wanted to know what resources can be found in the Badlands biome? Explore the abandoned mine and use TNT to explode the stone to reveal copper, gold, redstone and amethyst crystals. The next adventure lies in getting your treasures home safely, with battles against a Minecraft cave spider, Creeper™, husk and a slime around every corner.

538 pieces for €59.99 / $59.99 / £54.99

The Ender Dragon and End Ship (21264)
Wanting action and adventure? Look no further! If you dare, enter the perilous End biome to battle against the Ender Dragon. Try steal the prized dragon’s egg but watch out for the dragon’s sneaky attack, with movable and adjustable limbs. Seek safety in the End Ship, which has a fully equipped interior with a brewing stand and health potions.

657 pieces for €79.99 / $79.99 / £69.99

For all the new LEGO Minecraft sets, builders can have even more added digital fun with the intuitive LEGO® Builder app, where you can zoom in, rotate models in 3D and track progress.

The Pirate Ship Voyage, Cherry Blossom Garden, Wolf Stronghold, Windmill Farm, Badlands Mineshaft and Ender Dragon and End Ship will be available from June 1, 2024, via LEGO stores, LEGO.com/minecraft and from select leading retailers around the world.

Alongside the fun-packed LEGO Minecraft sets, the LEGO Group sent Minecraft creators across the world a special package and mission to celebrate the occasion. Inside the package was a LEGO Brickerite Ore; an exclusive, money-can’t-buy LEGO Minecraft block cube designed to help the creators reminisce over the past fifteen years of Minecraft. The creators were given instructions to mine the LEGO Brickerite Ore cube with a LEGO brick pickaxe, pair of goggles and gloves, and to start recreating one of their favourite memories from Minecraft with LEGO Minecraft Bricks from LEGO bricks. Head to LEGO YouTube to watch the results.

The excitement for LEGO Minecraft doesn’t stop there. There’s plenty of block-fuelled projects in the pipeline. Head to LEGO.com/Minecraft on June 1 for the next announcement!

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