Sweet Surprises Await: LEGO’s Fruit Store Set Unveiled!

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Hey folks, guess what? LEGO just dropped some juicy news! They’ve unveiled their latest microscale shop gift with purchase set, and it’s the Fruit Store (40684). This little gem packs in a sweet 337 pieces, promising loads of fun. Just like the Flower Store (40680) that was up for grabs last month, you’ll probably need to splash out around $200 to snag this one. As for when the promo kicks off, your guess is as good as mine, but I’m betting it’ll hit stores sometime in the latter half of April or early May. Keep those eyes peeled! 🍏🍇🍊

Welcome to the LEGO® Fruit Store. Built at mini-scale, this displayable collectible toy is the second in a series of 4 model LEGO stores for adult and teen builders aged 12 and up. Admire the architectural features on the front of the store, then turn it around to explore an interior packed with a bounty of colorful fruits. Above the store is a welcoming apartment, and the building is modular so you can display it as a 2-story building or place the levels side by side.


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