New Despicable Me Set Revealed – Minions and Banana Car

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Looks like a new LEGO Despicable Me 4 set is on the way! An Australian LEGO store just spilled the beans on this upcoming model called the “Minions and Banana Car.” Apparently, it’s a 136-piece set that comes with 4 Minion figures, a little car, and all sorts of fun accessories like a remote control helmet and a dirty diaper gun. Sounds like a wild ride!

From what we can tell, the car itself has a removable engine that the big Mega Minion guy can lift with one hand. Meanwhile, the other Minions will be busy doing Minion things like painting bananas and pretending to fly around. Pretty silly stuff, but hey, that’s Despicable Me for ya!

No official release details yet, but this 75580 Minions and Banana Car set is supposed to hit shelves on May 1st, just a few months before the new Despicable Me 4 movie comes out in July. Gotta love how LEGO and the movies work together to give us all these awesome new toys to play with. Can’t wait to see what other Minion madness they have in store!

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