New Buildable Stitch Announced For March 1 Release

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Ok – so the BrickHeadz set didn’t astound me, but this new large-scale buildable Stitch is somewhat better – in my opinion.

For $64.99 the set, to be released on March 1, 2024, will feature 730 pieces allowing you to a slightly posable version of Stitch. Wearing a bright Hawaiian shirt and eating an ice cream cone, the LEGO description seems to be positioning this as a display set for a kids room. Which makes sense, but I still want one.

Appeal to older kids and Lilo and Stitch fans aged 9+ with this LEGO® ǀ Disney Stitch (43249) buildable play-and-display set, featuring a Stitch character. The incorrigible extraterrestrial from the hit Disney movie, dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, has movable ears and a turning head, a buildable ice-cream cone that the character can hold and a buildable flower that can be added or removed.

This kids’ building kit looks great on display in any room and makes a fun Disney gift idea for older children and movie-lovers as they set up the buildable character. Kids and grown-up fans alike will appreciate the details in a building toy that lets them build and play with the iconic character together. Kids also enjoy an easy and intuitive building adventure with the LEGO Builder app, where they can zoom in and rotate models in 3D, save sets and track their progress.

LEGO Set Number & NameRetail PricePart CountRelease Date
40673 Spring Festival Mickey Mouse$9.99120January 1, 2024
40720 Mini Disney Sleeping Beauty CastleUnknown528June 2024
43235 Ariel’s Music Stage (4+)Unknown60June 2024
43236 Heart-shaped box (Snow White)Unknown329March 2024
43237 Isabela’s FlowerpotUnknown641March 2024
43240 Maleficent’s Dragon FormUnknown583June 2024
43242 Snow White and the Seven Dwarf’s HouseUnknownUnknownMarch 2024
43243 Simba The Lion King Cub$19.99222June 2024
43244 Elsa’s Ice PalaceUnknown630June 2024
43245 The Magical Madrigal HouseUnknown1560June 2024
43247 Buildable Simba (18+)$129.991445June 2024
43248Unknown394May 2024
43249 StitchUnknown729March 2024
43251 Antonio’s Animal SanctuaryUnknown310June 2024
43252 Moana’s FlowersUnknown619June 2024
43253 Disney Advent CalendarUnknown253September 2024
43254 Ariel’s Crystal CavernUnknown141June 2024
43276 Snow White’s Jewelry BoxUnknown358Unknown

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