BrickLink Designer Program Series 1 – All Details Released

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Beginning on February 7, 2024 at 8am Pacific Time the BrickLink Designer program will open their Series 1 pre-ordering for the selected fan designed sets.

Each set will have a maximum run of 20,000 units depending on the pre-orders. Sets that receive fewer pre-orders will have fewer final sets produced. Once the pre-orders run out, selling all 20,000 units, or the pre-order period closes, those sets will only be available from after-market sellers. If a set fails to get 3000 pre-orders, then it will not be produced.

Buyers are restricted to 2 purchases of each set, so that means no hoarding. Or… more complicated methods of hoarding.

With delivery times of 6 months after preordering, it’s going to be a long wait, but that’s similar to the original pilot program.

A note about parts, minifigures & sticker

Below we list the part count, minifigures and sticker information for these sets. They’re taken from the BrickLink pages for each set using the information at the top of each listing. Sometimes the information in the descriptions is different, likely based on the original design and not the final version. Once the pre-order goes live, we expect more solid information.

Snack Shack by DistractedBldr

This small trailer / food truck is super cute. With just 539 pieces for $49.99, this is the smallest and least expensive of the sets on offer. It includes 1 minifigure along with a seagull and rat figure. It includes 3 stickers also. The classic trailer design in light grey is on point and this Snack Shack looks perfect for a place to grab a bite while relaxing on a beach.

General Store by llucky

Jumping from the beach to the Old West, the General Store can be yours for $159.99 and is built with 1,838 parts plus 5 minifigures and 2 horses. The brick-built buzzard or vulture is a nice touch. The set uses 4 stickers for it’s signage.

The Old Train Engine Shed by Mind_the_Brick

Following up on the Studgate Train Station from the pilot program, the Old Train Engine Shed feels like a nice companion piece. Priced at $229.99 with 2331 pieces and several minifigures, the set makes use of 10 stickers!

Parisian Street by NicolasCarlier

Nicolas Carlier’s Parisian Street captures the charma dn elegance of a classic apartment block in Paris. You can own your little piece of Paris for just $319.99 with 3532 parts, 7 minifigures and 16 stickers! Oh la la!

Mountain Fortress by SleeplessNight

If you’re into castles, knights and winter, the Mountain Fortress may be the set for you. The biggest set in the release is priced at $379.99 with a whopping 3995 parts, just barely under the contest limit of 4000.

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