4 New LEGO Exclusive Sets Appear on LEGO.com

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Today we were greeted by 4 new LEGO Exclusive sets on the LEGO.com website. Let’s take a quick look at what we found.

Spring Animal Playground (40709)

The Easter themed Spring Animal Playground (40709) has 172 pieces and is listed at $12.99 on the US site.

Celebrate Easter with this fantastic LEGO® animal toy packed with cool features. The Spring Animal Playground (40709) set lets boys and girls aged 8+ stage fun-filled stories with a squirrel toy, bird toy, tree house, campfire, seesaw and 2 Eastereggs.


Hedgehog Picnic Date (40711)

At 166 pieces for $12.99 USD, the adorable Hedgehog Picnic Date (40711) is a great Valentine’s set – or really to show your love at any time.

Celebrate any special occasion with this adorable LEGO® Hedgehog Picnic Date (40711) animal toy building set packed with fun features. Boys and girls aged 8+ can build, display and stage stories with a playset featuring 2 hedgehog models sitting beneath a heart-shaped mushroom on a heart-shaped base.


Japan Postcard (40713)

At $14.99 and 262 pieces, this Japan Postcard (40713) set is a great addition to the postcard lineup. Depicting some well known Japanese locations & icons, we get a cherry tree, Mount Fuji, a Himeji-inspired castle and a red bridge.

Postcard gift celebrating Japan – This 3D buildable LEGO® Japan Postcard is brimming with details to delight travel-lovers aged 9 and up


Cherry Blossoms (40725)

Finally, set 40725 Cherry Blossoms will brighten up people’s spring. Being in Vancouver, another city with abundant cherry blossoms in spring, I’m looking forward to this $14.99 set with 438 pieces.

Mark the arrival of spring and new beginnings with this LEGO® Cherry Blossoms (40725) celebration gift for aspiring florists and nature lovers aged 8 and up. Featuring 2 buildable cherry blossom twigs that can be decorated with delicate buds in shades of white and pink, the set encourages flower-lovers to create customized LEGO blooms.


What do you think – do any of these smaller sets grab your attention?

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