LEGO’s Epic Transatlantic Snowball Fight: New York vs London!

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Hey LEGO lovers! Get ready for a unique, festive showdown like you’ve never seen before. LEGO has just launched the world’s first transatlantic Snow Throw – a playful, interactive game where the New York and London LEGO stores are battling it out in a digital snowball fight!

This holiday season, if you’re near the LEGO stores on New York’s 5th Avenue or London’s Leicester Square, you’re in for a treat. Picture this: You’re standing in front of a LEGO store window, chucking digital LEGO snowballs across the ocean! How cool is that?

Eva Chen and her adorable kids, Ren and Tao, kicked things off in New York, throwing the inaugural snowballs. Meanwhile, Millie Mackintosh and her family were up to the same frosty fun in London. It’s like a high-tech, international snowball fight, minus the cold and wet socks!

Eva was super excited about the contest, saying, “Who doesn’t love a snowball contest, especially one against the other side of the world!” She’s rallying all New Yorkers to join in and give London a run for their money.

On the other side, Millie Mackintosh is inviting Londoners to join the fun, saying, “Even if we don’t get real snow in London, we can still enjoy the magic of a snowball fight with LEGO!”

The LEGO Snow Throw isn’t just for kicks; it’s part of LEGO’s “Play is Your Superpower” campaign, encouraging adults to embrace play and gift the power of play this holiday season.

And here’s something even cooler: When you visit the store, you can join in on LEGO’s Build to Give initiative. Just build a LEGO heart, share it on social media with #BuildtoGive, and LEGO will donate a set to a child in need. This year, they’re aiming to donate over two million sets!

So, if you’re in New York or London, don’t miss out on this festive fun. Head to the LEGO store and throw some digital snowballs for a good cause. Let’s see which city will reign as the snowball champ!

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