LEGO Introduces 3 Modular Add-Ons Through Pick A Brick

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During LEGO’s Black Friday 2023 preview livestream on November 8th, they introduced a new feature of the online LEGO Pick A Brick system – premade parts lists for purchase. They showed off 3 new add-ons that match well with modular buildings. Each one with free instructions, and a “one click” add-to-cart for all the required pieces.

“But hey LEGO,” you say, “I already have a basement full of parts.” – that’s cool because you don’t have to buy the parts this way. Each set of instructions is free to download, including the traditional parts list at the end of the PDF file. From there, you can see what you have and get to building. Substitute parts, change it up. It’s LEGO, it’s your choice. You can also remove parts from the shopping cart before placing your order so if you don’t want the dog as part of the Vending Stand (aka Kiosk) you don’t have to order it, saving you money.

You can also build a part list and take it to BrickLink or BrickOwl to order, possibly for a lower price.

Right now – roughly noon Pacific Time on November 10, none of these 3 sets cannot be ordered online as LEGO is showing “parts unavailable” meaning they cannot complete the entire parts list. It’s unknown when they will come back in stock.

Construction Site – 150 pieces

Winter Scene – 148 pieces

Vending Stand / Kiosk – 172 pieces

Some of the parts are also NOT in the bestseller category, meaning that instead of their current “5 business day shipping from Illinois” those other parts would take “28 business day shipping from Denmark” – your timing may vary. There are also additional fees if you’re under the minimum orders for each category. This is spelled out on the LEGO page.

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