LEGO Avengers Tower Designer Video Reveals Easter Eggs

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Hey LEGO fans, have you seen the latest designer video for the LEGO Marvel Avengers Tower set? It’s super cool! Justin Ramsden and Mark Stafford, who are big-time senior designers at LEGO, teamed up with the awesome Senior Graphic Designer, Mark Tranter, to chat about their latest masterpiece, the MCU set. This set is a real whopper, boasting a staggering 5021 pieces! They’ve gone all out to pack it with tons of details from various Marvel films, making it a real treat for fans.

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What’s really exciting is the lineup of minifigures that come with it – they’re amazing! Plus, the windows on the tower? Just wow! If you’re as hyped as I am about getting your hands on this set, mark your calendars: it’s hitting the shelves on Black Friday – just 1 week from now. But remember, it’s an exclusive, so you can only grab it from and LEGO Stores. Don’t miss out on this epic addition of the new Avengers Tower for your LEGO collection!

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