Spook-tacular LEGO Sets That’ll Make Your Halloween Decor Stand Out!

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Spook-tacular LEGO Sets That\'ll Make Your Halloween Decor Stand Out!

Ahoy, brick enthusiasts and ghoulish LEGO lovers! As the eerie whispers of October breeze through, it’s time to “block” out the mundane and “build” a spook-tacular abode for Halloween. Why settle for traditional decor when the world of LEGO offers a treasure trove of haunted delights? From the bewitching allure of Disney’s Hocus Pocus set to the creepy charm of the Haunted House, there’s a LEGO set to send shivers down every spine.

But wait, there’s more! Fancy a “brick-or-treat” session with the Halloween Cat & Mouse or perhaps a visit to Minecraft’s Pumpkin Farm? And for those who dare, the venomous gaze of Marvel’s Venomised Groot awaits. With our curated list of LEGO sets, your home is set to be the talk of the tombstone. So, grab your favorite sets, and let’s lay the foundation for a hauntingly delightful Halloween that’s sure to be a “block-buster”! 🎃🧱👻

Disney Hocus Pocus (21341)

The classic Disney film Hocus Pocus saw it’s first LEGO set earlier this year. The classic Sanderson Cottage is a great way to create or expand a spooky LEGO Halloween diorama, or display on it’s own.

Haunted House (10273)

The Haunted House set is full of fun play opportunities and with the name Haunted House, you’d be a fool not to have it on display throughout the brick-or-treat season.

Dried Flower Centerpiece (10314)

Less spooky or haunted than other entries, the Dried Flower Centerpiece set from the LEGO Botanical collection is a fun-festive table decoration for Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving is October 9) and can carry through until the American Thanksgiving in November. It’s fall theme & colors make it appropriate for the whole season.

Mini The Haunted House Mansion (40521)

Disney’s The Haunted Mansion miniature LEGO set is a spine-chilling delight for enthusiasts, showcasing intricate details from the iconic ride. With glimpses of the interior like the dining room and gallery, an exclusive Butler minifigure, and recognizable paintings of the Hitchhiking Ghosts and Madame Leota, it’s the perfect eerie display piece for Halloween, captivating Disney fans and miniature collectors alike. 🎃👻🏰

Minecraft The Pumpkin Farm (21248)

Pumpkins, Jack-o-lanterns and Halloween go hand-in-hand. I can’t think of another holiday where carving a gourd brings so much joy to kids. The mucky, stringy “guts” and delicious roasted pumkpin seeds, and then the creative face you get to carve? Spook-tacular.

Zombie (40626)

The LEGO® BrickHeadzZombie (40626) is a must-have for Halloween enthusiasts and Minecraft fans alike. This buildable model captures the iconic hostile mob from the beloved Minecraft® video game in vibrant detail. Standing over 3 inches tall, it boasts authentic features, from its axe-wielding hand to its unmistakable pixelated design. 🧟🧱🎮

Marvel Venomised Groot (76249)

The LEGO® Marvel Venomized Groot set is a hauntingly thrilling addition to any Halloween display. When the adorable Baby Groot merges with the menacing alien Venom, the result is a half-Venomized Groot that can be further Venomized, brick by brick. It’s not just a build, but a transformation, making it a spine-chilling centerpiece for any Halloween-themed LEGO showcase. 🎃👻🌱

Halloween Cat & Mouse (40570)

The LEGO® Halloween Cat & Mouse set (40570) is a whimsical addition to any Halloween display. This delightful set captures the playful essence of the season with a cat and mouse engaging in a game of hide-and-seek, with the mouse cleverly concealed inside a large pumpkin. Adorned with mini pumpkins and vibrant autumnal flowers on a rotating base, this set not only brings a touch of Halloween mischief but also serves as a charming centerpiece. Perfect for both kids and adults, it’s a “purr-fect” way to celebrate the spooky season! 🎃🐱🐭

Storage Head Skeleton (5006591)

The LEGO Storage Head – Small, Skeleton is a quirky and spooky addition perfect for the Halloween season. Crafted as an upscaled version of the iconic LEGO minifigure head, this container boasts a smiling skeleton face that’s sure to catch eyes and raise some brows. 🎃🦴🧱

Storage Head Pumpkin (5006590)

The LEGO® Storage Head in a pumpkin design is not just a whimsical way to stow away your bricks or small items, but it’s also a festive nod to the Halloween season. Made from durable plastic, this upscaled version of the iconic LEGO minifigure head boasts a cheerful pumpkin face, making it a perfect and playful addition to any Halloween display. 🎃🧱

Spook-tacular LEGO Sets That\'ll Make Your Halloween Decor Stand Out!

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Spook-tacular LEGO Sets That\'ll Make Your Halloween Decor Stand Out!


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