LEGO® House celebrates Disney’s 100th anniversary with four giant LEGO brick mosaics

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  • Four giant LEGO® mosaics, designed by three female artists and built by fans and families in Manchester, Paris, and New York are exhibited together for the very first time at LEGO House, Billund, from 23 August
  • The mosaics are inspired by the storytelling possibilities of the new LEGO | Disney Castle set and the 100 years of Disney’s magical film universe
  • The mosaics are designed as 4.5-meter-high castle windows, and each artwork consists of more than 220,000 LEGO bricks

On 23 August at LEGO® House in Billund: Over the course of 100 years, Disney has entranced the world with its enchanting universe. Meanwhile, for 24 years, the LEGO Group has been spreading the magic and boundless potential for creative play to fans all around the world.

This calls for a celebration, and the LEGO Group is doing so in collaboration with LEGO House in Billund. In honour of the anniversary and the launch of the new LEGO® Disney Castle as well as Disney’s 100th anniversary, three talented female artists – Lakwena Maciver from London, UK, Amy Jones from Paris, France and Kristin Texeira from New York, USA – have created four expansive castle window murals using LEGO bricks. The stunning murals draw inspiration from the storytelling and possibilities of the new LEGO set.

The murals feature some of the artists’ favourite Disney characters from the last 100 years including Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Ariel, Tiana, Mirabel, Daisy Duck and Pixar’s Woody and Buzz Lightyear, who also now feature in LEGO Disney sets, surrounded by the artists’ own unique style.

The first mosaic, created by artist Lakwena Maciver, was unveiled on the 21st of June at Tower Bridge in London. The remaining three windows, each standing at 4.5 meters in height, have been built throughout the summer by Disney and LEGO fans and families at building events in Manchester (UK), Paris (France) and New York (USA).

World premiere at LEGO House

The four artworks are now exhibited together for the first time at LEGO Square, the large open space in the center of LEGO House, with free access for public.

Kathrine Kirk Muff, Managing Director of LEGO House, is thrilled to invite everyone to the largest special exhibition in the history of the house:

“There is something poetic about the LEGO Group’s celebration of Disney’s 100th anniversary culminating here at the LEGO House in Billund, where the LEGO story, our own fantastic adventure, began just over 90 years ago. When we gather the four giant mosaics at LEGO Square, it will be our biggest and one of the most impressive exhibitions to date, a must-see for all Disney and LEGO fans. These impressive mosaics illustrates the endless possibilities of the LEGO bricks which the LEGO House is all about,” says Kathrine Kirk Muff.

Around the four giant mosaics, visitors can admire some of the many popular LEGO | Disney sets released since the LEGO Group launched the very first LEGO® DULPO® Winnie the Pooh set 24 years ago. Of course, the new LEGO | Disney Disney Castle is also there by the LEGO Store, filled with references to no less than 14 Disney film classics – from Snow White (the very first Disney Princess) and Cinderella to Rapunzel and Moana, as well as a tiny “time capsule” with memories from 100 years of Disney films.

Two magical brands

Benedikte Stamp is the Creative Design Lead for LEGO | Disney and has been involved in developing the celebration of Disney’s 100th anniversary and the four magical mosaics. When asked about the partnership and the campaign, Benedikte said:

“Over the last century, Disney has created some of the world’s greatest stories which are loved by generation after generation. Just like these stories, LEGO play transcends age, language, culture and interests to inspire millions of children to build and create anything they can imagine. As a designer, it’s my role to bring together the magic of the two brands and give fans of all ages the chance to celebrate their love for Disney stories through building. The four mosaics are an outstanding example of how this can be achieved, and I am tremendously excited to see them all together at LEGO House.”

The exhibition

Where: LEGO Square, LEGO House, Billund
What: The four LEGO®|Disney works: Kaleidowaves and Colourays (Lakwena Maciver, UK) along with Through the Magical Glass, (Amy Jones, FR), Stained Glass Memories (Kristin Texeira, USA), and a number of popular LEGO|Disney models.
When: From 23 August to 29 October, 2023

About Lakwena Maciver, UK

Based in London, Lakwena’s work has international recognition. Lakwena often references the influence Disney films had on her imagination. Spending some of her childhood in Ethopia, Lakwena only had access to Disney films and would watch them on repeat. Now she watches the Lion King with her children and has discussions about their ancestry.

About Amy Jones, France

Amy Jones is an American-born, French-naturalized painter and illustrator. Based in Paris for over 10 years, she creates work that evokes positivity, fun and colour. She credits Belle from Beauty & The Beast for inspiring her love of French culture and eventual relocation to the city of Paris, citing Belle’s love of adventure and being unafraid to do things differently.

About Kristin Texeira, USA

Texeira has exhibited work via Uprise Art in New York City, Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco, Brilliant Champions in Brooklyn NY, Studio Cromie in Grottaglie, Italy, as well as other galleries across the USA and internationally. One of the earliest films she remembers watching is Fantasia and she credits the intertwining of music and colour in the film as influencing her work.

About LEGO House

LEGO® House, “Home of the Brick”, is the ultimate experience centre in Billund – the hometown of the LEGO brick. 12,000 m2 large and filled with 25 million LEGO bricks, LEGO waterfalls and giant animals and plants. The house offers experiences for children of all ages, who want to develop creatively and explore the endless possibilities for Learning through Play through the LEGO brick.

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