German Site Leaks The Hoopty From ‘The Marvels’ – Then LEGO Releases It

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Earlier today, German Toy site Lucky Brick uploaded a new set to their set, announcing The Hoopty (76232) to the world. This model then appeared for pre-order on the officlal site.

Let’s talk about the insane price of this set. Firstly, the set is 420 pieces and includes 3 minifigs for Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Photon plus 3 cat figures, one of which is Goose the Flerken. Ok, 420 sets, licensed parts, etc. Not going to be cheap but this is a bit much. It’s $89.99 in the US.

Interestingly, the official site still lists a segment as ‘tbd-LSH-movie-2022’ – who knows what that means, but it definitely feels like someone rushed this product page out.

Official Description

Put action from Marvel Studios’ The Marvels into a young Super Hero’s hands with LEGO® Marvel The Hoopty (76232). Kids aged 8 and up join a cast of iconic minifigures from the Marvel Cinematic Universe for intergalactic adventures aboard the movie’s supercool spaceship.

Movie-accurate spaceship from Marvel Studios’ The Marvels
Take a kid’s imagination across the universe aboard the spectacular Hoopty spaceship. As they head from adventure to adventure, kids can use the 2 stud shooters for protection against enemy attack. Opening the cockpit of The Hoopty lets kids access the spaceship’s scientific equipment, records and other accessories. There’s also room for the 3-minifigure crew: Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel and Photon – plus Goose the Flerken. For added digital fun, the LEGO Builder app features intuitive zoom and rotate tools that let kids visualize their model as they build.

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