Building Queens: The Superfan Turning Drag Race Stars into LEGO Masterpieces!

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Hey there, folks! Today, I want to introduce you to a superfan of both Drag Race and LEGO, who goes by the name of Brick Queens YVR on Instagram. This Vancouver-based artist has been creating some truly unique fan art for over three years now. And guess what? It’s all made from LEGO!

While most of us watch Drag Race for the stunning runway looks, the juicy drama, or the larger-than-life personalities, Brick Queens YVR watches it with a different perspective. As he watches the queens death drop, duck walk, and get read for filth, he’s thinking about how he can replicate their looks using LEGO.

Using parts from over 15,000 minifigure designs released by LEGO, Brick Queens YVR has been able to create strikingly similar LEGO likenesses of queens from across the Drag Race universe. This includes versions from the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Spain, Holland, and more. Each figure is a unique creation, combining parts from different sets to create the perfect match. For example, a head from a Batman set, a body from a Harry Potter set, and arms from a Disney set might come together to create a LEGO version of Season 15 winner Sasha Colby.

According to his meticulously maintained spreadsheet, Brick Queens has made figures of 511 unique drag performers from across the Runiverse and beyond. And if you count the multiple looks he’s created for many individual performers, as well as versions of judges and other drag-adjacent folks, the total number of figures he’s made is in the thousands.

Brick Queens first got into Drag Race during Season 9 in 2017, and around the same time, he started getting into LEGO builds. He soon realized that some of the collectible toys looked like familiar faces from the show, and this sparked the idea to turn his favorite queens into minifigures. His first creation was the toy-inspired Trixie Mattel, which he gave to the All Stars 3 winner at a show in 2018. The positive response he received inspired him to continue creating and giving these dolls to queens as he met them.

In 2020, Brick Queens decided to take on the challenge of recreating every queen from the franchise, sharing his creations on Instagram along the way. The COVID-19 lockdowns that started a few months later gave him the perfect opportunity to focus on this project, and he’s been creating and posting a unique drag minifigure almost every single day since then.

While Brick Queens started this project as a fan of Drag Race, he continues it as a fan of drag in general, and especially of his local drag scene in Vancouver. He’s used his platform to showcase local Vancouver legends like Alma Bitches and Kendall Gender, and he’s even re-created every queen who had appeared in the U.S and U.K. franchises up to that point.

Despite the challenges of keeping up with the expanding Drag Race franchise, Brick Queens plans to continue posting for as long as inspiration strikes and he has room on his walls. So, if you’re a fan of Drag Race, LEGO, or both, be sure to check out his Instagram page for some truly unique and creative fan art!

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