LEGO Meets Donkey Kong: Explore the Wild World of New Super Mario Expansion Sets!

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Get ready, LEGO and Donkey Kong fans! The LEGO Group has just announced an exciting expansion to the LEGO® Super Mario™ universe, bringing the legendary Nintendo® gaming icon, Donkey Kong, and his pals Cranky Kong, Diddy Kong, Funky Kong, and Dixie Kong to life in delightful LEGO brick form for the first time ever!

The four fabulous new sets include Donkey Kong’s Tree House Expansion Set, Diddy Kong’s Mine Cart Ride Expansion Set, Dixie Kong’s Jungle Jam Expansion Set, and Rambi the Rhino Expansion Set. Time to go bananas!

These LEGO® Super Mario™ Donkey Kong™ Expansion Sets transport fans to a thrilling Donkey Kong-inspired world, packed with new adventures and endless creative possibilities. Perfect for kids and grown-ups alike, these sets let your imagination run wild as you explore Donkey Kong’s jungle playground. Plus, the new Donkey Kong characters play nicely with LEGO® Mario™, LEGO® Luigi™, and LEGO® Peach™.

Simon Kent, Design Director at the LEGO Group, shared his excitement: “The LEGO Super Mario franchise just got even more awesome, as we welcome the iconic Donkey Kong to our product lineup! With four fantastic Expansion Sets, we can’t wait to see how kids dive into the wild, colorful jungle of the Donkey Kong universe—whether they’re hanging in the tree house, riding a mine cart, jamming with Dixie Kong, or exploring with Rambi.”

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store:

With Donkey Kong’s Tree House Expansion Set (71424) Kids aged 8+ can team up with LEGO® Mario™, LEGO® Luigi™, or LEGO® Peach™ to explore Donkey Kong’s vibrant tree house. Discover a buildable TV and radio, play conga drums, or visit Cranky Kong to score some digital coins. And keep an eye out for a secret compartment! After a long day of adventuring, let Donkey Kong catch some Z’s in his cozy hammock.

Diddy Kong’s Mine Cart Ride Expansion Set (71425): This incredible 1,157-piece set brings one of Donkey Kong’s most iconic locations and challenges to life. Pop a LEGO Super Mario figure into the mine cart to ride around the track. Dodge the Snaggles, repair the broken track section, defeat the Mole Miner, and “explode” the rock to reveal a bunch of bananas. Will you gobble them up or share them with Diddy Kong or Funky Kong? Don’t forget to buy balloons from Funky Kong’s airplane shop and take the plane for a spin!

Dixie Kong’s Jungle Jam Expansion Set (71421): Get ready to rock with the Dixie Kong’s Jungle Jam Expansion Set. LEGO® Mario™, LEGO® Luigi™, or LEGO® Peach™ can jam out with Dixie Kong and Squawks the parrot, surrounded by the vibrant and lively jungle scenery.

Rambi the Rhino Expansion Set (71420) Jump on Rambi’s back and ride into action with your LEGO Super Mario figures. Listen for fun sound effects as Rambi walks, charges into stackable rock elements, or performs other moves.

Mark your calendars, folks! The new LEGO Super Mario Donkey Kong Expansion Sets will be available starting August 1st, 2023 at LEGO stores,, and select leading retailers worldwide. Happy building!

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