Dry Bowser and New Set to Mark MAR10 Day 2023

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March 10th 2023: The LEGO Group hosted its biggest celebration of MAR10 Day yet with a dedicated YouTube premiere filled with a product reveal, exclusive behind-the-scenes content and an exciting teaser.

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MAR10 Day is a global celebration of the entire Super Mario™ franchise. Each year, fans mark the special occasion by dressing up as their favourite characters, hosting themed parties or by simply playing Super Mario games.

Newest Character Welcomed to the LEGO® Super Mario™ Universe
One of the biggest announcements was made by Didier Agani, Senior Interactive Play Designer on LEGO Super Mario, who revealed the LEGO® Super Mario™ Dry Bowser Castle Battle Expansion Set.

Made from 1,321 LEGO elements, it’s a truly impressive recreation of an iconic Super Mario character and setting.

This Expansion Set invites LEGO Super Mario fans to rescue Purple Toad from within the deep, dark depths of the castle. The set is packed with action-fuelled missions and endless play possibilities for interactive LEGO® Mario™, LEGO® Luigi™ or LEGO® Peach™ figures to explore.

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Didier Agani said: “at the LEGO Group, we celebrate the Super Mario universe every day, but we’re delighted to do something extra special to mark MAR10 Day. We’re so excited to reveal the LEGO® Super Mario™ Dry Bowser Castle Battle Expansion Set. Set in an iconic Super Mario location, fans are tasked to find the secret entrance (just watch out for the Magmaargh!), defeat the Bone Piranha Plant and Bone Goomba, use the crane to rescue the Purple Toad, then quickly grab the key. What lays behind the door is secret – you’ll have to wait and see what’s revealed!”

The LEGO® Super Mario™ Dry Bowser Castle Battle Expansion Set will be available from August 1st 2023 via LEGO stores and lego.com, priced at $109.99 / €104.99 / £94.99.

Exclusive LEGO Super Mario Content
The Bowser fandom didn’t stop there. The YouTube premiere also featured exclusive content with Carl Merriam, Senior Designer on LEGO Super Mario, explaining the development and creation of the LEGO® Super Mario™ The Mighty Bowser™ set for adult fans.

The Mighty Bowser was released last year and is a highly detailed recreation of the King of the Koopas, complete with controllable movements and the ability to launch a fireball. Carl talked about the year-long development process of The Mighty Bowser from beginning to end, including design inspiration, technique experimentation and different display platform exploration.

What’s more, there was also a behind-the-scenes look at how the king-sized Bowser was built; a larger-than-life recreation of the character made from 663,900 bricks. The YouTube premiere included timelapse shots of it being constructed at the LEGO building factory based in Kladno. The final result was an epic proportioned Bowser weighing around 3.9 tones, which took approximately 3,290 hours to build from start to finish.

New Teaser For Future 2023 LEGO Super Mario Products
The YouTube premiere ended with a teaser of what’s to come for the LEGO® Super Mario™ universe. Excitingly, the teaser showed a new brick-built character, Donkey Kong™, is coming to the LEGO Super Mario universe this summer. Stay tuned for more information!

To catch up on the LEGO Super Mario YouTube premiere, the recording can be found here on YouTube or visit the dedicated page at www.LEGO.com/supermario.

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