LEGO Teases Brick-Built Adidas Shoe Set(s?)

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We hope you’ve had a good weekend – LEGO seems to be having some fun in Twitter. They’re teasing an upcoming set for July 1, 2021 – a brick-built Adidas shoe.

The rumors about this have been around for a short while, but concensus seems to be it will be LEGO Adidas Superstar (10282) trainer, based on the iconic low-rise sneaker. Reportedly just over 700 pieces, only 1 shoe can be built per set – somewhat disappointing as you would ideally want a pair to display properly.

The set looks interesting, with a couple of possibly new pieces being seen in this teaser image. That toe-cap looks like a new piece (or pieces?) printed with the stripes, and those “shoelaces” may be something new.

It’s interesting that there are hinges in the middle there – whether that’s just to get the angles or something more will be revealed on July 1.

Adidas has produced the shoe with different colored stripes over the years with black or blue being the most commonly seen. given that the shoe itself is white, black (as shown below) seems a logical option, but the blue background above could be another clue.

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