DOTS New Summer Sets Revealed Online

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Wow – If you like the LEGO Dots series, or love the way they’re amazing parts packs, Summer 2021 could be a boomtime for you.

Dutch retailer Otto Simon has posted photos, descriptions and prices of the upcoming Summer Dots series and they look great. The 5 sets shown below are only part of the summer line, but the only ones fully listed on the site for now. 6 other sets are showing coming soon images including some bag tags and another bracelet.

The DOTS Creative Designer Box (41938) and Lots of Dots (41935) seem to the most interesting. Certainly in the “bang for your buck” department. The Creative Designer Box features an alphabet on circles along with various plates & parts.

LEGO DOTS 41932 EXTRA DOTS – SERIES 5 – 120 pcs – € 3.99

LEGO DOTS 41935 LOTS OF DOTS – 1040 pcs – € 19.99

Delight a young craft fan with this LEGO® DOTS Huge DOTS (41935) set with over 1000 pieces. The set is packed with colorful tiles in various shapes, including ¼, ½ and whole circles, plus square tiles in all the colors of the rainbow. With this extensive selection of DOTS parts

LEGO DOTS 41936 PENCIL HOLDER – 321 pcs – € 19.99

Cheer up a space fan with this eye-catching LEGO® DOTS Pencil Tray (41936)! It is quick and easy to assemble with the included instruction sheet. Kids can adapt the design of their pencil holder to suit their mood or room. Cleaning and sorting are a piece of cake thanks to the included storage tray. Tech-themed creative craft kit This practical set boosts kids’ imaginations and self-expression. The set includes a tall blue and black rocket-shaped pencil tray with a window at the front for a photo or drawing and storage space for pencils and writing utensils, plus lots of colorful tiles. For kids who like creative toys The great thing about this set is that kids can be imaginative and decorate the pencil tray however they like, to make it suit their mood or room, or to share their designs with friends. An ideal gift for a child who deserves a reward. Suitable for children from 6 years and older.

LEGO DOTS 41937 MULTI PACK – SUMMER VIBES – 441 pcs – € 29.99

Are you looking for a creative birthday present? Then this LEGO® DOTS Multipack summer jitters (41937) set is exactly what you are looking for. This box introduces children to the world of DOTS and develops their confidence and design skills with a range of different models, from the simple to the more challenging. Diverse crafting fun This craft set contains several customizable DOTS designs and room decorations: a bracelet, lion bag hanger, picture frame with hanging element and a cactus pencil tray. Kids can use the included tiles to design the objects their own or let their creativity run wild with the Extra DOTS Series 5 Pouch (41932, sold separately). Summer craft vibes The great thing about this pack is that kids can mix and match the patterns and share their designs with friends. This set introduces children to creative craft fun in a fantastic way, alone or together with others. Suitable for children from 6 years and older.

LEGO DOTS 41938 CREATIVE DESIGNER BOX – 849 pcs – € 39.99

This ultimate LEGO® DOTS Creative Design Box (41938) set makes an ideal gift for little craft fans or creative kids and boosts their confidence and design and craft skills. Endless imaginative craft fun The set includes a magazine full of inspiration, plus a variety of instructions at In the magazine you will find manuals for 5 DOTS objects: a desk organizer, a cabinet with 2 drawers, a pin board, a photo frame and a small storage tray. Kids can use the colored tiles and letter tiles to create patterns and text or boost their creativity with an Extra DOTS Series 5 (41932) pouch or a Huge DOTS (41935) box (sold separately). The Perfect Crafting Set The great thing about this design box is that kids can create their own room decorations using the inspiration and tips provided, then proudly show off their unique designs to everyone or share them with their friends. Suitable for children from 7 years and older.

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