City Wildlife Animal Resuce Theme Begins to Leak

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I know people who are crazy about LEGO polar bears, goats, frogs and many of the other animals that are released for the standard minifigure scale sets. Yes, dinosaurs too. None of the Friends or DUPLO stuff though, the scale is wrong.

This summer, as revealed by Terminal Video Italia, we’re getting several new animals for our city zoo or wildlife refuge. Among them adult elephants, calves, snakes, monkeys and lions.

Have a look below…

60300 City Wildlife – Animal Rescue ATV – € 10.99

Take a carful look and you’ll find 2 monkeys included (with obligatory poop to throw) and the ATV has the new “Turning Action” chassis included. There’s also a scorpion in what looks like a dark Earth Blue color.

60301 City Wildlife – Animal Rescue Off-Road Vehicle – € 50.99

Meet wildlife rescuer Jessica Sharpe! While wrangling a snake, you can help Jessica reunite a lion and it’s cub.

60302 City Wildlife – Animal Rescue Operation – € 104.25

More monkeys, a crocodile with hatching egg, elphant and calf, lots of bananas! There’s so much going on in this scene. I love the dual-molded cap & blond pony-tail.

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