LEGO Announces Collectible Minifigures Series 21!

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LEGO released the 3 images below on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook today introducing the new Collectible Minifigure Series – the 21st in the line.

The set appears to consist of only 12 figures instead of the usual 16, but there are some GREAT accessories in here that probably make up for that lower number.

Official names have yet to be announced which leaves sites to make up their own. We do know the happy lady in the first image is likely “Dolphin Trainer” as that’s what LEGO referred to in their social posting. Given that the names tend to be “functional” and “descriptive” that makes sense so here’s my take on the names.

  • Dolphin Trainer (with dolphin, paddle and surfboard) – check out the printing!
  • Vegas Singer with microphone, stand and huge feathered headpiece
  • Young Aviatrix with helmet & goggles and plane costume
  • Castaway with a message in a bottle and hermit crab
  • Aztec warrior (Amazing) with sword, shield and headdress. The printing on this again!
  • Space police with handcuffs, flashlight (?) and shield
  • Boy Violinist with violin and bow
  • Jumpsuit Alien with crowbar and crystal (Fleeing from the space police?)
  • Female Centaur with bow, quiver and apple
  • Beekeeper with smoker and honeycomb (love the helmet)
  • Ladybug lady with ladybug on a leaf
  • Pug costume boy with more great printing and molds, plus a bone

Do you have a favorite? I know my brother will want the dolphin trainer and I’m after that Aztec Warrior. So nicely done.

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    • Thanks. I don’t know much the seemingly upgraded accessories factors into the size of the set. I checked out your site, and your daughter’s and have followed both on my RSS feed!


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