Wonder Woman 1984 Set Leaks

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Wonder Woman 1984 isn’t due out until August assuming the world starts returning to normal before then, but obviously the merchandising machine is marching forward. LEGO being part of that has at least 1 set coming out, and that is Wonder Woman vs Cheetah (76157). This set leaked a couple of days ago on Amazon, but was quickly squashed by the LEGO army of lawyers.

They have now reversed that decision and allowed images and discussion of the set. So here are the photos posted on the UK retailer ASDA’s site. Target in the US also had the set listed briefly.

It’s been pointed out that the box is a little unique. Aside from the cartoon look and feel, there’s no image of the set itself on what seems to be the front of the box (based on the set number being there and the orientation of the minifigure on the top), only the 2 characters. The back does feature

The set itself looks really cool with lots of my favorite tan and gold type elements and 2 very nice minifigures, plus what I take is Steve Trevor’s reincarnation. The inclusion of a video tape camera is interesting. Since we don’t know the plot of the film entirely, it’s not clear if this is some kind of spoiler or not.

Set Description from ASDA

Young superheroes can recreate the Wonder Woman 1984 movie with the LEGO DC Wonder Woman vs Cheetah (76157) action figures battle building set. When Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) encounters her archenemy, Cheetah (Dr Barbara Minerva), at the transmitter tower, the scene is set for an epic battle! This DC Universe action-packed playset gives kids double the fun. Down below in the bunker, Max tries to enter the tower, while overhead the transmitter panels rotate. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman and Cheetah confront each other. With exciting features and so many possibilities for play, young superheroes will experience endless imaginative fun!

LEGO DC kids’ construction toys with superhero minifigures let children role-play as their favourite superhero in good vs evil conflicts to save the world in the DC Universe! With legendary characters and cool gadgets, LEGO DC building sets make great gifts for kids, inspiring individual and group play that never ends. Measures 7” (19 cm) high and 6” (17cm) wide, with a radar dish measuring 7” (20cm) across. Contains 371 pieces.

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