LEGO Masters Australia Premiers in 1 week

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When one door opens, another one closes – or so they say, and in this case it’s sort of true. The US Version of LEGO Masters is winding down with just one more episode to go on April 15 but the Australians are about to pick up the slack and launch LEGO Masters Australia Series 2 on April 19.

Host Hamish Black and Ryan “Brickman” McNaught are back as 8 teams of amazing builders once again compete for the title of LEGO Master.

This year promises builds even greater than the last, with the teaser promising “the most incredible models anyone has ever seen”.

The clip teases what some of these builds could be, including a gigantic, pulsating volcano, as well as a massive motorbike. It’s certainly set to be an epic season.

You can follow the excitment online if you’re not living down-under, or in an area that gets the show directly. Clips and updates will be posted on their social media accounts.
Instagram: @Legomastersau

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