Summer 2019 Creator 3-in-1 Sets


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Already available in most of the world, the 4 sets listed below form LEGO’s Summer 2019 Creator 3-in-1 lineup. Unfortunately for anyone living in North America, these sets won’t be available until August 1 here. Although previously some stores have had them on shelves earlier, August is the official date for them. I confirmed that the official LEGO pages for the sets all show an August release date.

LEGO 31095 Fairground Carousel – 595 pieces, $49.99 USD

LEGO 31096 Twin-Rotor Helicopter – 569 pieces, $59.99 USD

LEGO31097 Townhouse Pet Shop & Café – 969 pieces, $79.99 USD

LEGO 31098 Outback Cabin – 305 pieces, $29.99 USD

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