Newsweek Special LEGO Edition Coming June 11

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Continuing a tradition started last year, Newsweek has released a special edition all about LEGO and the “greatest playsets and builds in history, and reveals that perhaps the best is still yet to come.”

Newsweek’s marketing team is sending us a review copy that will hopefully be here soon, but in the meantime provided the following 3 spreads from the magazine, showing some great photography and teasing some of the features in the magazine. When we get the final copy, I’ll provide a more complete overview of the content for you.

This year’s is going to be on store shelves on June 11 and is available to pre-order now online.

An exploration of the LEGO Pirate theme
The history and evolution of the minifigure in LEGO sets.
Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the LEGO Star Wars collaboration

As seen in the final photo, there’s some Star Wars material in the issue, including a special look at the 20th Anniversary of the license.

There are also exclusive interviews with members of the LEGO Group’s leadership team talking about the history and the future of the brand.

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