AFOL Terminology: What’s an AFOL?


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The LEGO landscape has evolved a LOT since I was a kid many years ago, including having a whole bunch of weird terms like AFOL, SNOT, BURP and others that help fans discuss what they do with LEGO. While I have a glossary of LEGO terms, I thought some of them may benefit from a deeper explanation.

Let’s start with AFOL and some of it’s relatives.

In short, AFOL is an acronym that stands for Adult Fan of LEGO. It tends to be pronounced in a few different ways, but mostly it’s pronounced like “ah-fall” with the “ah” sounding like the “A” in Adult.

Other variations are just spelling it out: A-F-O-L, or putting more emphasis on the A: “a-foal”. However you say it, someone will probably try to convince you to try it another way but there doesn’t seem to be a “correct” or “wrong” way.

What if you’re not an Adult or want to be more specific? Try out one of these lesser used variations:

  • AFFOL – Adult Female Fan of LEGO
  • AHOL – Adult Hobbyist of LEGO (this one can be tricky to pronounce in mixed company)
  • ALE – Adult LEGO Enthusiast
  • ALH – Adult LEGO Hobbyist
  • FAFOL – Female Adult Fan of LEGO
  • FFOL – Female Fan of LEGO
  • KFOL – Kid Fan of LEGO
  • SHEFOL – SHE Fan of LEGO
  • TFOL – Teen Fan of LEGO
  • YFOL – Young Fan of LEGO

But what about the muggles? That is, the people who aren’t really into LEGO themselves, but support those of us who are? There’s a couple of words for them.

  • NLF – Non-LEGO Friend/Fiancé(e)
  • NLP – Non-LEGO Person or Non-LEGO Parent
  • NLS(O) – Non-LEGO Spouse or Significant Other

If you think I’ve missed anything either drop a comment below or head on over to the Contact Us page and let me know.

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