The Joker Manor Design Video

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Marcos Bessa and Paul-Constantin Țurcanu take us through some of the details in the massive and crazy The Joker Manor (70922) set and how they came about.

Marcos’ long-time love of LEGO shines through in this personal interview style approach and Paul’s street-wise design skills really helped inform some of the destruction and graffiti like approach to this set.

Many fans are really excited for the addition of the new roller-coaster track, debuting here in purple. It’s a fairly simple layout in The Joker Manor, but once fans get their hands on enough of it, expect to see some pretty impressive layouts.

Already we’re seeing the more traditional light-grey version in one of 2018’s mining sets (60188), possibly in a Speed Champion set (curved track turned on its side to make an arch), and in a secret Pirate-themed roller-coaster set (31084) due out this summer. That Pirate set isn’t too much of a secret as the box art has already leaked, but we can’t share that here yet.

I’m sure we’ll start seeing more uses for it, and maybe more themed roller-coasters. I know several builders who are planning some big layouts once they can order the parts from LEGO directly, or gets flooded with them.

60188 with roller coaster track

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