2017 Friends Advent Calendar – Day 13

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Ever so much closer to Christmas, sometimes these Advent calendars start bringing more holiday spirit the closer you get to the end. Let’s find out…

Well this is cute, but the scale of everything is off here. Up to now, Stephanie, the minidoll we started with, could use everything or it fit the animals. Today, we get a nice campfire scene with blue lounge chairs, a fire pit and some marshmallows on sticks. It’s a very nice scene.

The problem of course, is that the chairs seem very undersized, and those marshmallows would give you a sugar rush for a week! They’re huge. I know LEGO only has so many elements to work with, but I feel this is a pretty weak use of them here.

That said, I like the scene overall. The pieces tell their story and set their scene as they should, so kudos on that.

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