BrickCon 2017 winds down today

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Today (Sunday) is the last day of BrickCon 2017 and your final chance to see all of these amazing MOCs in person, in one place.

Last night was the AFOL Awards and each category’s winners were announced. I don’t know how they judged the best 1 to 3 in each category, but they managed to narrow it down to the best of the best. If you’re at the show today be sure to look for the trophies next to the winners. Each trophy was built by the “Theme Coordinator” and is a mini-marvel in itself, deserving of being displayed. There’s even a Best Trophy Trophy!

This morning starts with a Quiet Hour for people with sensory and mobility issues who can’t attend during the regular crowded and noisy hours. People who have trouble with noise or crowds or who would be at risk of being injured, or just couldn’t see past the crowds will be attending a nearly private event. It’s an amazing accommodation by the BrickCon organizers.

If we learned anything from yesterday, today will be super popular. Every single available ticket to the Saturday sessions was sold out, and people weren’t leaving! See the 2 panoramas below for just a small taste of what happened.

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