Fun at the beach – Up close and personal

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This year the LEGO City lineup seems to be focusing on water-related sets, which is not uncommon, including their 2017 People Pack – Fun at the Beach. Let’s take a look at what’s in this new set.

As with last years Fun at the Park (60134), the focus is on minifigures centered on a specific theme, this time of course, a day at the beach. So what kind of fun do minifigures have at the beach?

Well, not surprisingly they do the same things we do. All of the situations the minifigures depict in the official photos can be switched up in the the figures are interchangeable, as expected.

When at the beach, we play games like beach volleyball, we do sports like kayaking and wind surfing, relax by hanging out in a hammock, building sand castles or go metal detecting, and we eat. And of course someone has to clean up after us as we do this.

The figures and accessories do a pretty good job of setting up pretty much any kind of beach scene you might want. The only real complaint, like last year, is that the set doesn’t include a base. This is a “people pack” of course, but having a light tan baseplate or something would be appreciated by someone just starting out.

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