R2-D2 Polybag DIY Instructions

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Sometime in the future someone will be giving away or selling a special polybag version of R2-D2, but that’s all we think we know. The first pictures started appearing the other day and seem to be genuine. Over on eBay someone is selling one for over $150 US right now. Could this be a LEGO Brand store giveaway? Could it be a Toys’R’Us or Target exclusive? Could it be only available in Germany? We just don’t know. But we want one.

Recently the LEGO Group uploaded hundreds of instructions for new sets including the R2 unit we’ve all come to know and love. Now instead of waiting for the mystery polybag release, you can build one from parts you have on hand with 2 minor exceptions. The 2 blue plates on his front are custom for this set. For your build, you might find something similar, or leave the plates plain for now.

You can download the PDF instructions for the set here from this link.

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