LEGO Architecture Solomon R Guggenheim Museum (21035)

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LEGO Guggenheim Museum from 2017
LEGO Guggenheim Museum from 2017

The folks over at PromoBricks have discovered the first images of the upcoming LEGO Architecture set featuring the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum (21035). Interestingly, this image only appears (so far) in the Italian version of the catalog.

This set will probably be the “big” Architecture set for the first half of 2017, much like the United States Capitol Building (21030) or Buckingham Palace (20129) was in 2016. is listing another unknown Architecture set for 2017 also.

This will be the second version of the Guggenheim that LEGO has produced for the architecture set, the first being set 21004 back in 2009, as seen below. The original set contained only 208 pieces whereas the new set, coming probably in April, looks to be much more detailed and will likely have a higher piece count but no details are given on either price or piece count.

LEGO Guggenheim Museum from 2009
LEGO Guggenheim Museum from 2009

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