LEGO Makes New Friends in 2017 – Photos below!

The Swiss shopping site has been busy uploading official images of upcoming 2017 LEGO sets, in this case, the LEGO Friends line. Since the images are official, we’re happy to share them with you below.

Puppy Championship (41300)

Puppy Parade (41301)

Puppy Salon (41302)

Puppy Playground (41303)

Puppy Treats & Tricks (41304)

Emma’s Photo Studio (41305)

Mia’s Beach Bike (41306)

Olivia’s Inventor Lab (41307)

Stephanie’s Baker (41308)

Andrea’s Show (41309)

Heartlake Gift Delivery (41310)

Heartlake Pizzeria (41311)

Heartlake Sports Centre (41312)

Heartlake Summer Pool (41313)

Stephanie’s House (41314)