HispaBrick Magazine Issue 26 released

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hbm026_engThe team over at HispaBrick magazine issued a press release to announce the release of issue 26. As always, HispaBrick is available in Spanish and they also make an English version for those who prefer it.

“Issue 026 of HispaBrick Magazine® — the free magazine made by and for fans of LEGO constructions — is now available.

In this issue you will find a lot of the information we obtained from several LEGO departments thanks to the LEGO Fan Media Days, interviews to brick artists Sean Kenney and Chris McVeigh, author of The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book.

In our TopMoc section we have a look at Steampunk constructions. You will also learn about the Polish RLUG Zbudujmy.to and we have a couple of articles on our presence at events like the Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend.

Of course we have our usual tutorials on WeDo and MILS and we analyse some of the latest LEGO sets like the Caterham Seven 620R, the Yellow Submarine and the Winter Holiday Train.

The HispaBrick Magazine team would like to take this opportunity to wish you a merry holiday season and we hope you enjoy this issue.”

Download the Spanish Version | Download the English Version | Download Past Issues

In this issue of HispaBrick Magazine…

6      Interview: Sean Kenney

13    Interview: LEGO® Technic

17    Interview: LEGO® Ideas

20    Interview: LEGO® Moulds

23    Interview: LEGO® Rebrick

26    Interview: LEGO® Worlds

29    Interview to Chris McVeigh

31    TOPMOC: Steampunk

36    RLUGs of the World: ZBUDUJMY.TO

40    LEGO@ CITY 2016

46    Various chassis types: Four wheels and six basic combinations

48    Modular Integrated Landscaping System (VII)

51    Conditional statements with LEGO® WeDo – Part 10

53    LEGO® WeDo (IX)

56    A MINDSTORMS Bug That Will Bug You No More

57    Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend

62    Training Day VIII (Bilbao)

63    Review: 21307Caterham Seven 620R

67    Review: 21306 Yellow Submarine

69    Review: Geekly LEGO® Crafts

71    Review: 10254 Winter Holiday Train

76    Review: 42055 – Bucket Wheel Excavator

80    Review: 71040 Disney Castle

83    Desmontados by Arqu medes

84    How to collaborate with us

84    Our collaborators on the Internet

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