More Changes to LEGO Ideas rules and guidelines

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The LEGO Ideas team today announced the second of three planned updates to the LEGO Ideas platform. You may remember they announced a few changes a little while back and can review those on this post.

Today they list these updates to the visible and public portion of the site:

  • New Discover page filter for Project Category lets you choose to view only “Original” projects, only those based on third-party intellectual property, or both. Third-party would mean Star Wars, Ghostbusters etc.
  • New Discover page “Trending This Week” filter
  • Staff Picks now sort projects by Staff Pick date.
  • Change the “Search Page” to “Discover Page” for better sorting and filtering of search results.
  • The Leaderboard now behaves like the discover page allowing searches and sorting of members.
  • Tags are now clickable!

Behind all they, they’ve made some big changes to the Supporter Milestones and Targets. Starting today, projects will have 60 days to reach their first 100 supporters before receiving time extensions. This is based on data collected that says that “the most successful Ideas projects – those that reach 5,000 and 10,000 supporters … all reached 100 supporters in their first 30 days. No project that has gone on to reach 5k or 10k supporters has taken longer.


So they’ve updated the counter on all projects with less than 100 supporters to 60 days, and all new projects will get that status as well. This should result in a more current and active Ideas site, with projects rising or falling much more quickly.

It will mean that people have to work harder to get those initial supporters and LEGO isn’t cold enough that they leave people hanging, the LEGO Ideas blog post links people to some articles talking about how to gain those first 100 supporters.

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