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flybrixlogoSan Francisco startup Flybrix began selling a LEGO based “build-a-drone” kit for anyone aged 14 and up. The kits are built of pre-owned LEGO pieces, boom arms and motors, and other Flybrix designed parts.

“There are three partners behind Flybrix: Amir, Robb, and Holly. Amir studied math and CS at MIT and wrote code for nuclear power plants before he became an entrepreneur. Robb got a PhD in applied physics from Caltech and worked on robot cars on the side until he too headed for Silicon Valley. Holly has a M.A. from UW Madison and has worked top global brands like Nike, Adidas, Nokia and Brother.  She’s the brains of the organization with her past experience in all things business & marketing. “

Flybrix are offering 2 kits, the “Basic Flybrix Kit” is $189 $149 and includes assorted LEGO bricks, quick-connect motor boom-arms & motors, propellers and miscellaneous other parts and is designed to connect with your SmartPhone or other Bluetooth enabled compatible device to control your drone. The larger “Deluxe” kit is $249 $189 includes 50+ LEGO bricks and a remote radio control system like a regular RC plane would use. Orders may take up to 6 weeks to ship.

The drones are small and relatively light-weight, meant for indoor use only. They call them “crashproof” because they can simply be re-assembled following a collision.

The concept is very interesting, and the ability to add or replace their parts using your own LEGO collection means the themes & combinations are as endless as any LEGO play or build opportunity.

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