First LEGO Batman Movie Sets Revealed

During the stunning event that was SDCC 2016, LEGO released the trailer and poster for the LEGO Batman Movie and also announced the first 2 LEGO sets that would accompany that movie.

Lego Batman Movie Batmobile (70905)70905 – The Batmobile

Yep, yet another version of the Batmobile, this time with an entirely new design. Set 70905 will include not only this enormous, drag-racer style Batmobile, but the 5 minifigures seen in the picture. Batman is a no-brainer, but Robin is a bit of a nice surprise. On the bad-guy side, we get Man-Bat and the Kabuku Twins who don’t get much love in Batman movies. The Batmobile features lots of details and non-canon styling, such as the words “The Speedwagon” on the side panel under the cockpit.

Lego Batman Movie Jokers Notorious Lowrider70906 -The Joker’s Notorious Lowrider

This set is definitely smaller than the Batmobile in terms of pieces and minifigures, but has such a great look and collection of colors it’s sure to be a favorite set. The lowrider is dressed like the Joker with a purple body and neon green headpiece (roof vs hair, you get it) and may feature some surprise movement in the Technic pieces that are used. Only 3 minifigures but all are highly detailed. Harley and Batgirl have printing on the sides of their legs, and all 3 have very unique hair pieces with a ton of detail.

Together I think these 2 sets go really well together and bode well for the rest of sets to be based on the movie.