Fake LEGO News after SDCC

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(Yes, the featured image is MegaBloks – intentionally)

There were a ton of exciting announcements at Comic-Con in San Diego last week, which made LEGO lovers really excited. More footage and information about The LEGO Batman Movie and the LEGO Ninjago movie, 2 exclusive minifigures, the new BrickHeadz collection, giant statues etc.

There was more news that came out toward the end of Comic-Con that got picked up by many blogs that was equally exciting, however it was also entirely false.

There were at least 4 new LEGO series “announced” that people started to speculate on and look forward to, but won’t be appearing at any point.

  • LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean 5
  • LEGO Power Rangers (For the new movie)
  • LEGO Cars 3
  • LEGO Sports

People believed these stories because credible blogs reported on them so why not believe it? It also makes some degree of sense. Pirates of the Caribbean and Cars are both former LEGO series with the rights owned by Disney, and LEGO seems to be licensing everything Disney right now. LEGO Sports would likely be popular with the Olympics in Rio nearing, and given the speed with which the DFB minifigure series sold out earlier this spring.

Unfortunately these types of rumours circulate in the news quite a bit, but this time they managed to get picked up by several big name blogs which suggest they came from a fairly reliable source.

Oh well, we’ve been surprised by sudden announcements before, so maybe something exciting is still in the works.

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