Enterprising Australian Teen Plays With LEGO To Earn Money

lachlan hendersonA story appeared in the Daily Telegraph in Australia about 14 year old Lachlan Henderson, a LEGO fan since he turned 3, who has developed a new business for himself wherein he plays with lots of LEGO and gets paid!

Lachlan is charging people $10 (AUD) to either build their complicated LEGO sets or to work alongside the children who are trying to build them. Genius!

Lachlan’s mum, Jennifer, encouraged Lachlan to help after she spotted a Facebook post. Lachlan has about $5000 worth of LEGO on display in their house and “has a visual mind and building LEGO…. comes quickly and naturally to him”, she said in the interview.

If you need proof of Lachlan’s LEGO building skill? When he was 9 years old, he spent just 2 days building the Sydney Opera House which is 2989 pieces and billed for ages 16+.

The teen uses a Facebook page to keep in touch with people and spread word of his service which he calls Beaches Brickmaster.

Congratulations Lachlan, I hope you do really, really well! Keep on building!


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