LEGO City Summer 2016 Set Images Released

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More official photos of the 2016 Summer LEGO sets have been released courtesy of Just2Good once again. Let’s take a look at the LEGO City lineup coming out this summer.

60100 – Airport Starter Set

A small set at 81 pieces, this follows in the line of other [easyazon_link keywords=”Starter Sets LEGO” locale=”US” tag=”brickbrains-20″]Starter Sets LEGO[/easyazon_link] has released and contains 4 minifigures, the helicopter and something that looks like a mail box.

60101 – Airport Cargo Plane

For all the aviation fans, this summer seems to be dedicated to you. The majority of the LEGO CITY sets coming out seem to include air travel/transport of some kind. 60101 is relatively small at only 157 pieces, but you get a nice looking cargo plane, a cargo cart and 2 minifigures.

60102 – Airport VIP Service

Every busy airport has VIPs arriving and your should be no different. This nice sized set contains 364 pieces and you can then build out a nice private jet that is nearly 12″ long, a stretch limousine and 4 minifigures.

60103 – Airport Air Show

When I saw the pictures, I expected a higher piece count given that you get 3 airplanes and a hanger in this set. LEGO has kept this set to 670 which isn’t small, but isn’t crazy either. You get 2 red fighter jets and an older black & orange bi-plane, ground support vehicle and 6 minifigures for the support team. It’s great that the fighter jets fit into the hanger too! Although I am imagining a run on pieces to build a second hanger.

60123 – Volcano Supply Helicopter

The Volcano Explorers sets are just being introduced this season and they’ve already attracted some attention online for their unique theme and more unique color scheme. The bright green isn’t something we’ve seen in traditional LEGO City sets before. It should also be noted that the image below doesn’t have the name included in it, or a piece count. Brickset is reporting 330 pieces. We’ve been give a photo of the back of the box which would support the piece count as it shows just 3 bags in the box.

60124 – Volcano Exploration Base

This seems to be the big set of the lot with BrickSet reporting 824 pieces. The back of the box again shows 8 bags, and also shows exactly which part of the set made up of which bags, which might make it easy to start selling the individual vehicles in near mint condition, or just building your favorites and using the rest for other projects.

The large exploration truck and earth mover are accompanied by an actual volcano in this set which looks like it may not be entirely brick-build, but made up of some larger chunky ground pieces.

60132 Service Station

Service stations seem to be a go-to set for LEGO sometimes. I’m sure if you counted all the sets, the number of service station variations would be fairly high compared with others (except maybe police and fire stations). Here we get a nice 2-in-1 Octan Service station with 515 pieces. The second model looks like a functional “garage” instead of just a gas filling station like the main model. The set includes a nice looking tow truck, street sweeper, family car and 4 minifigures. You also get a red bike which I’ve seen be important to some people lately. It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but I want to believe that’s a green electric car charger on the left side. Fingers crossed.

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